The MIND Diet Book Featured as Top Book for 65+

11 Must-Reads for Seniors

According to the blog, there are 11 books that you “Need to Read” if you’re among the 46 million American adults age 65 and older. Spoiler alert, The MIND Diet, rounds out their list of must-reads! It is described as:

“… a comprehensive guide to the eating plan that has been proven to boost memory, mental acuity and concentration while slowing cognitive decline during aging. You’ll find detailed information about the science behind her recommendations, recipes you can easily prepare at home, and a list of foods that could be harming your brain health. The plan focuses on consuming whole foods to boost brain health, from leafy greens and vegetables to poultry, olive oil and wine.”

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Read up on all of their top 11 picks by visiting the full article, 11 Books You Need to Read if You’re Over 65. They promise you’ll be “inspired, challenged, and well informed when you’ve finished one or all of these picks.”

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