sweetpotatoes cook in the microwave in 6-8 minutes

My #1 Tip to Cook Healthier Meals This Fall, With Little Effort

If you’re looking for EASY ways to cook healthier meals this fall, I’ve got one tip for you that may surprise you. In fact, I was recently interviewed by Shape magazine on this very topic.

My #1 Tip for Low-Effort Healthy Cooking

What I told Shape was to reconsider the oft overlooked microwave.

Why the Microwave?

Cooking with your microwave steams food from the outside-in like other cooking methods, but the microwaves also penetrate about an inch into food so that it also cooks from the inside-out.

What this Means for You

What does this mean for you? It means quicker cooking times, which is not only convenient, it helps retain more vitamins and minerals. For example, a whole sweetpotato cooks up in about 6 to 8 minutes.

Five More Ideas

Read the full Shape Magazine article for five more ideas to make healthy cooking a snap.

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