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Wild Blueberry Smoothie

This is my go-to smoothie. It is loaded with brain-protective antioxidants. And the intense blue-purples from wild blueberries are gorgeous. If you’re on a quest for a delicious way to nourish your mind and body, look no further than this invigorating brain healthy smoothie recipe. Bursting with vibrant flavors and wholesome ingredients, including frozen wild …

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Vegan Protein Smoothie

This superfood smoothie features the berries most researched for brain health: blueberries and strawberries. A protein bonus comes from the almond butter and soft tofu, a mild-tasting and very blendable kind of tofu that incorporates seamlessly into soups and smoothies, where it adds a high-protein, vegetarian and dairy-free creaminess. MIND foods: Nuts, beans, berries Prep …

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