Maggie Moon MS RD

Maggie Moon is a registered dietitian, published author, and nutrition communications expert. She provides evidence-based food and nutrition solutions for optimal brain health, delivered with cultural humility. Her focus is helping everyone strengthen their cognitive resilience through nutrition, and in this way add more life to years, from early life to older adulthood.

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Are Cashews Good For You?

I talked to MindBodyGreen all about cashews, including how they stack up to other nuts. We chatted about what exactly cashews are, what nutrients they provide, and how they may benefit brain health, heart health, and even healthy pregnancies thanks to their antioxidants, minerals, and more. Visit MindBodyGreen to read the full article.

Breakfast Salad

The bright and tangy, yet creamy and rich avocado-lime dressing contrasts with aromatically sweet mango, buttery avocado, raw almonds, and perfect blueberries in this sunshine-inspired breakfast salad. The bed of baby red butter lettuce makes a gentle base. Every bit of this unique breakfast salad sets you up for a great day. The plant protein …

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